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Four things you would eat on the LAST DAY of your life:
1) beef stroganoff
2) dr pepper
3) hot cheetos
4) spagetti

Four cds from your collection that you will never get tired of:
1) mifits-static age
2) crass-any one
3) subhumans-ep-lp
4) beastie boys-lisenced to ill

Four vacations you have taken:
1) new york
2) las vegas
3) florida
4) TJ

Four songs you get stuck in your head frequently:
1) petulia clark-downtown
2) propagandhi-fuck religion
3) afi-he who laughs last
4) misfits-attitude

Four things you'd like to learn:
1) How to belly dance
2) How to play my guitar better
3) How to spit like a man
4) How to speak a bunch of languages(specially german and the click from africa)...sounds good

Four beverages you drink frequently:
1) water
2) dr pepper
3) coke
4) lemonade

Four tv shows that were on when you were a kid:
1) teenage mutant ninja turtles
2) fraggle rock
3) power rangers (oldschool)
4) mr rogers

Four places to go in your city:
1) downtown duhhh
2) hillcrest
3) el cajon
4) la mesa

Four things you do to get rid of your boredom:
1) draw
2) music
3) read
4) internet

wooo heather we have some things in common
my mood is bitchy, because everyone elses is i supose i guess i should fit in....blame it on the moons...


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